This was my first Lauren Barnholdt book, and all I can say is, I will be reading the rest of her novels.

I do not usually like contemporary novels. I prefer reading dystopian, action, paranormal, ect. I rather read about a world and live in that book rather than one about reality. I already live in the real world, I want to go somewhere different and exciting. (Do you know what I mean? I hope I make sense.)

I really enjoyed this book. It was quick, witty, and engaging. I still cant get the image of a drunk tall teenager dressed up as a leprechaun out of my mind. (If you want to know what I am talking about, read the first couple of chapters.)


“There are two sides to every breakup.This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But they clicked; it worked. They’re even going to the same college, and driving cross-country together for orientation.Then Jordan dumps Courtney — for a girl he met on the Internet.

It’s too late to change plans, so the road trip is on. Courtney’s heartbroken, but figures she can tough it out for a few days. La la la — this is Courtney pretending not to care.

But in a strange twist, Jordan cares. A lot.

Turns out, he’s got a secret or two that he’s not telling Courtney. And it has everything to do with why they broke up, why they can’t get back together, and how, in spite of it all, this couple is destined for each other.”

Book Talk Time:

I didn’t hate any of the characters. I loved Courtney and Jordan. They all had their flaws and were completely relate-able (Even Jocelyn, B.J. and Lloyd). We all have friends similar to them. We all have/had the party-flirty friend, the party-thinking-everyone-wants-them friend, the bff-that-we-love-but-never-tell-them friend. Made me feel like I was Courtney and it was really relateable. You learn to love them. (Well, some.)I liked how the author changed perspectives to see both views. It helped show both sides of the story and their train of thoughts. I didn’t have to assume how they are thinking or feeling, or even worse, having the main character interpreting how the other feels– when we know they don’t know what they are truly feeling. Also, going back and fourth from past to present was good. I usually don’t like that either in books, but it was great. It was nice to see that they grew as a couple and developed. My favorite part was their first “date”. Those are my favorite kinds of dates. c:

Also, kudos Miss Barnholt, for not letting them have insta-love. Because love in movies and in many books are very unreal. It felt like actual growing and bonding love. Not “looking into each other eyes and then they knew they were soul-mates” bullshit.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending. It ended so abruptly. I was hoping for some more closure. I even Google-d to see if this was a series because it didn’t feel finished. Alas, it is not. There was so much emotions and fighting and not enough talking to clear things up. Then suddenly things were better. Overall, it was a fun read. I will be reading it again during summer, or on a road trip. I loved it.

I was able to find this book at my local thrift store. I got it for $1.50! Score! Don’t be afraid to look at thrift store, they are full of treasures. (Now, I am noticing my copy says “Companion Novel to ‘Right of Way’. I will have to read that ASAP!)

EDIT: I forgot to add, I liked how they didn’t make sex taboo. There were no sex scenes, but they did talk and think about it. Like normal teenagers would. I liked that.

If you were stuck on a long road trip, what music would you bring to listen to? And what would you do to keep yourself occupied?



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