AH! I can’t believe it. Pokemon Go is finally out and I am hooked.

My boyfriend and I adventure around town for about 4 hours a day. It’s insane how many miles we walk.

I didn’t realize until yesterday on how lucky we are about where we live. I’ll try to explain our loop. If we walk down our street there is about 10 PokeStops. Then heading down to and at the park and beach there is about 15 PokeStops; and half of those have activated lures. Then we walk the same way back. Just to restock out packs. c:


We met people who drive to our city just for our PokeStops and the amount of Pokemon that are around them. Having so many people at these stops are helpful and frustrating at the same time. Most of the people around are very nice. They will shout out across the park if they found something really cool. That’s how I got my Dratini ♡. The only frustrating part about there being so many people is when my server crashes, but I can’t really blame them about it. We all want to play this really fun and addicting game.

Are you playing Pokemon Go? What team did you choose? Anything funny, crazy, or interesting happen on one of your Pokemon hunting adventures? Have you found any rare Pokemon? What’s your highest level Pokemon so far?


P.S. I am Team Mystic!


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