Hey everyone,

I want to let you all know that I am still alive. Well… barely. Life has gotten stressful in the past few days. Days like these I wish I was still in middle school, playing the original Animal Crossing all day with my bestie Mimz. My biggest worry then was trying to catch all the bugs and selling them before Tom Nook closed. Haha.

Back to reality and to the real stress. I know I’ll  get through it all, but it still is horrible. It’s hard to stay strong and happy, when manipulative liars and abusive people make chaos in my life. It’s even harder when you can’t see Karma happen. I have to keep telling myself even though they did _____, they will get what they deserve. But all I can say is, even though they  think they won… I still have my loving family, my dogs, a roof over my head, supportive friends, a great boyfriend, my career, and a good heart. Things they can never take away.



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