I have loved tattoos since I was little, and now I can enjoy coloring them in. I’ve always loved their unique designs and line works. So creative and beautiful. This was a great idea for a coloring book.

Megan Massacre, one of the most popular tattoo artists and reality TV stars with starring roles in TLC’s NY Ink and America’s Worst Tattoos, brings her wildly popular art style to a coloring book.

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre invites adult coloring book fans into her whimsical world of sugar skulls, sailing ships, mermaids, owls, and more. Now you can add your own bold, vibrant colors to her signature edgy and artistic tattoo designs–and tear each perforated page out for display!”


Check out her Instagram! (@megan_massacre) So you can really see how amazing and beautiful her art works are. ♡

Also, this book can be found at Penguin Random House. You can also find more information about the awesome author HERE

Book Time Talk:

This is a creative idea of a book. Although, I have never heard of Megan Massacre before, I am excited over her art style. The cover of her book is basic and simple. The front cover design of herself is a bit automatically off. Her face is looking in one position, but her nose is in another position; and other little nitpicks. As a person who lives to do art, I would have hope Megan Massacre to be a little bit more precise. Especially when it is an image based on being realistic rather than stylistic. I love the back cover so much more. Love the simple line work. Love how dark and moody it is. ♡

This book has has 37 images you can color in. The images are not back to back. Only 1 image per page. This gives the option to ink or watercolor the designs. But if you wanted to be safe you can put a scrap piece of paper between the pages so it doesn’t bleed through. It is thick paper, but not that thick. It is nice to have the option for various mediums. Watercolors will add a great vibrancy against the stark black outlines. 

After flipping though and enjoying the designs, I noticed there are 11 skulls. That is almost 1/3rd of the book with the same idea. If you love skulls this is the book for you. I would have loved to see more of a variety of designs. There are so many out there, why only have skulls? I love the line work and the style of the designs. Traditional tattoo style with a modern twist.  Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.18.26 PM.png

This image came from @megan_massacre Instagram. So mesmerizing!

I think this book will be fun to color in. I will be taking this to school with me to relieve my anxiety. If you love tattoo art this is the book for you!  


I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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