Hey y’all!

Sorry about my absence. I started school this week and it is already in full swing. These teachers don’t like to wait. They have already given me projects, essays, and quizzes. I’ve been so flustered with getting all the work done and getting all the supplies, that one day I went to the wrong class. That has never happened to me before. It’s been a little crazy over here.

I will try to keep this place as active as I can. I am currently re-reading Obsidian by J. Lynn. I needed a book that felt like “home”.  I was thinking of possibly incorporating a few school things into this blog. Showing the things I’ve done and learned. Some projects maybe? And the topics discussed. Can’t forget about the gossip! 

In the art buildings, the doors are mostly glass. Next to the doors, are the rest of the walls, but they are also glass. Yesterday, this girl was so into her phone, she tripped down the stairs and made a wrong turn. But that didn’t stop her from her obsessive texting. Next thing I know, she walks RIGHT into the window. Like “full plow” into the window. I’m surprise the glass didn’t break. It was so hilarious. (Don’t worry, I made sure she was fine.) The funny things was, that she still continued to walk like. People never learn, do they?

Anyway, It’s good to be home right now. I’ve missed my dogs so much. I’m going to take a few hours and do some homework, then relax with my man. Tonight I will try to make a plan / schedule for posting here. I want to stay connected to you.

Talk to you soon!



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