Divergent by Veronica Roth


I finished Divergent and I realized why people like it. I don’t love love it, but it was pretty awesome. I think it is a little over hyped; it was great none the less. I’ll try to do a post of the Book vs. Movie soon. c:

Tris was a unique character. She didn’t act helpless; Which I loved. She was a character that developed and lived. Though, I think she did develop too fast. At first she was a nice Abnegation girl, then suddenly 3 seconds in Dauntless, she is grouchy rude girl. Don’t get me wrong, I understand she needs to be tough and stand up for herself to make it in the faction, but she was on the line of rude-girl-I-wanted-to-punch.

Tris and Four are cute. A little awkward sometimes, but it works. The connection with them went really fast. Can we say Insta-Love? Him as a closed character and his emotional walls, he would not have loved Tris that fast. Especially since he has had so many bad relationships with friends and family. Loving her would have been a hurdle for him. That is just my opinion.

I loved the idea of literally fighting your fears. I’m going to be open, I get constant night terrors. My night terrors are like the simulations, but different. Seeing her battle through them was cool. I do that too, but my terrors are much darker, deeper, and less easy to get out of. The simulations are interesting when you think about them. I wonder how many more years we have, until our world has the technology to do what they do.

I felt the book was fast and then slow. There were confusing character positions. I had to re-read a few parts to understand who was where and what the place looked like. (Good thing there is the movie, it really helped) I’ve read many books that have very intricate foreshadowing and small details that you didn’t see coming.Divergent was so blatantly obvious. I started to guess what would happen next, and my guesses were 90% right. I never understood why Tris never saw any of the signs. They were like red flags everywhere. I think her being twitter-pated with Four made her oblivious to what was going on around her.

I gotta say, I wasn’t amazed by the ending. I cried at the scenes with the mom and dad. Other than that it was really unrealistic. Her voice saves happens the day. BOOOOO. I don’t want to give spoilers, but I did give a few eye rolls at the end. I still want to read the rest of the series. Divergent felt more like a prequel to the actual storyline than the first novel. It spent a lot of time describing the world, initiation, government, and the situation. I think the series will only get better from here.


After reading this, I wondered what Faction I would be in. Luckily, at the end of my copy of Divergent, it came with a Faction quiz. I took this quiz seriously and didn’t look at the answers until the end. Mostly A’s is Abnegation. Mostly B’s is Amity. Mostly C’s is Candor. Mostly D’s is Dauntless. Mostly E’s is Erudite. I got… 2 A’s, 1 B, 2 C’s, and 2 D’s. Seriously? Lol, My test was inconclusive. DIVERGENT. YAS. (Also, I think Amity should be a “B” Faction. It’s so close to being perfect.) What Faction do you think you would be in?


Bring a thrift book-er; I only own Divergent and Allegiant. Now I need Insurgent. I called my mom to tell her to keep her eyes peel for Insurgent. This was our conversation:

“Maaaaaaaam, I finished Divergent. I need Insurgent. Look for Insurgent.”
“I thought you had Insurgent…”
“Nope, I have Divergent and Allegiant”
“No, It was the other ‘I’ books from the nice author at San Fran”
“… OH! No, different Author. ‘I’ books were Inescapable, Intuition, Iniquity from Amy Bartol. I’m looking for Veronica Roth’s books.”
“Ok, what books are they and which ones do you need?”
“Book 1. Divergent. Own”
“Divergent, ok.”
“Book 2. Insurgent. NEED.”
“Find. Insurgent.”
“Book 3 Allegiant. Own”
“Book 4. Four. Need.”
“…Wait. Four is Four?”
“Yes, It’s a coincidence… I think.”
“Shouldn’t it be called ‘Four-gent?'”
“BAHAHAHAHA. I guess you’re right. It’s called Four because the main man character is named Four.”
“His name is Four?”
“Does he fall in love with Three?”
“Hahaha. Technically, he falls in love with Six.”
“… So they make Ten.”
“They are a perfect ten. They… complete each other.”

That’s when I finally died laughing. She basically summed up the whole book. This is how my mom tried to understand my book world.

p.s. I will have to tell you guys about the time I met her! She is so sweet.



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